Rapport Stunts

Do You Know Who I Am? (requires Virtuoso)

Once per scene, you may identify yourself in order to get your way and add +2 to a Contacts, Deceive, Provoke, or Rapport roll. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Moving Performance (requires Virtuoso)

When you create an advantage with Rapport using your art, the difficulty of removing the resulting aspect increases by +2. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Stage Presence (requires Virtuoso)

+2 to overcome distractions with Rapport while performing. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)


Choose a field of art, such as painting, composition, or singing. You get a +2 to all Rapport rolls relating to that art. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)


Fate Core, p.121

Excellent Speaker

Public speaking is an everyday thing to you. +2 to Rapport whenever you make a formal speech to a group.

Another Round?

Fate Core, p.298

Blood is Thicker Than Water

+2 to Rapport when dealing with members of your extended family. (Peter Blake)

Captain’s Word

Once per scene, you may roll Rapport to command your crew as a free action. (Peter Blake)

Child of the Court

Fate Core, p.90

Good Cop

Kindness is more effective when given a basis for comparison. +2 to Rapport when creating advantages to assist someone who has the Bad Cop stunt.

Honest Salesman

Making a sale comes as naturally to you as breathing. +2 to Rapport when using it to sell goods or services.

Master of the Mob

+2 to Rapport when dealing with a crowd or mob. (Peter Blake)


+2 to Rapport when you try to broker an end to an armed conflict. (Peter Blake)

Scion of the Court (requires Child of the Court)

Fate Core, p.94

Target Audience

Pick a specific field of endeavour, such as crime, business, politics, espionage, or the occult. Gain +2 to Rapport rolls whenever dealing with someone from that field. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

All the World’s a Stage/Playing to Expectations (requires one other Rapport stunt)

Your acting talent is natural and unquestionable. You may roll Rapport instead of Deceive when convincing a target you are someone you aren’t. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Animal Whisperer

You may use Rapport instead of Lore to issue commands to animals. (Peter Blake)


It’s not that you’re a good liar – possibly far from it. It’s more that you have a skill at talking so fast, and not letting the other guy get a word in edgewise, that he doesn’t ever get the chance to figure out if you’re lying or not. You may create an aspect such as Blathering on yourself which justifies active opposition to Alertness rolls in your zone. You cannot take other actions while blathering, but you may spend a fate point to negate any successful roll that overcomes the aspect. The targets of this effort are by no means helpless – if they are attacked or otherwise disturbed they may respond normally, and they will respond to obvious stimuli (friends being attacked in their line of sight, fire alarms going off and such). However, they are definitely distracted. Once you stop talking, it may be time for a quick exit. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Commissions (requires Virtuoso)

Your works and performances are heavily sought out, and there are those who will pay handsomely for it. Once per session, you may use Rapport in place of Resources for one roll, representing a successful past commission. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Large Ham

You may use Rapport in place of Provoke to intimidate someone. (Peter Blake)


Fate Core, p.121

The Right Questions

Smaller parts of a larger truth can contain a blueprint of the whole – and as a skilled conversationalist, you are adept at pulling the larger truth out of a single individual. Provided the person you’re talking to is at least neutral towards you, you may use your Rapport skill instead of Contacts for any effort to network. The results are limited and colored by the knowledge available to the person with whom you speak. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Weight of Reputation (requires Do You Know Who I Am?)

For a fate point, you may use Empathy in place of Contacts, Deceive or Provoke, provided those you are dealing with are aware of your reputation. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

All Things in Their Place

You always know the power dynamic in the room, and you may insert yourself within it anywhere you desire. Use this with caution—while it impacts how people interact with you, it does not equate to actual authority, and placing yourself too highly—especially over people not used to being anything but top dog—can inspire an unpleasant response. (Fate System Toolkit, p.98)

Best Foot Forward

Fate Core, p.121

First Impressions

Whenever an opponent succeeds with style against the first Rapport roll you make in a scene, they do not gain a boost. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Five Minutes Friends

For a fate point, you can make a steadfast friend in a place you’ve never been, given a chance for five minutes of conversation. This stunt makes nearly impossible opportunities to make friends merely improbable, improbable opportunities probable, and probable opportunities outright certain. (Spirit of the Century SRD)

Heart on My Sleeve

You’re a regular stand up guy with no secrets, at least so far as anyone can tell. But even so, you’re in control of which part of your best face you’re putting forward. +2 to defend with Rapport against attempts to read your emotional state. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)


Your mastery of etiquette leaves you comfortable, and even glib, in any situation. You never suffer any increased difficulty from unfamiliarity with your setting, making it easy to maneuver through local customs you haven’t encountered before, and to cover up any gaffes with a laugh and a sparkle in your eye. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Rustic Charm

You suffer no increased difficulty on Rapport rolls due to your social class. (Peter Blake)

Smooth Over

You’re adept at stepping into a bad situation and dialing it down to something more reasonable. So long as you are not the direct reason someone is upset, your attempts to calm them down using your Rapport receive a +2 bonus. (Spirit of the Century SRD)

Vicious Gossip

You can use Rapport to attack someone in your social circle by spreading malicious gossip about them, as long as the rumor you are spreading is true insofar as you can determine. If you succeed, you inflict mental stress. If you want to lie about them, use Deceive instead.

Teacher’s Pet

When you use Rapport to create an advantage based on your relationship with a teacher, treat a tie as a success. If you attack another student mentally by leveraging your relationship with a teacher, on a tie you can choose to take the boost or to inflict a 1-stress hit.

Rapport Stunts

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