Notice Stunts

On Top Of It

You may spend a fate point to go first in an exchange, regardless of your Notice. If multiple people with this stunt exercise this ability, they go in turn based on their skills, before those who don’t exercise the stunt get a chance to act. If the exchange has already started, and you have not yet acted, you may instead spend a fate point to act next, out of the usual turn order. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Ready for Anything (requires On Top Of It)

Your senses are so keyed into minute changes that you are able to respond more quickly to new details. Your Notice is considered to be one higher for purposes of determining turn order. This stunt breaks ties whenever facing opponents with the same Notice. This stunt may be taken multiple times, each time increasing the character’s effective Notice by 1. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Run Interference (requires Ready for Anything)

Whenever it is determined that you provide active opposition to another character’s action, you may spend a fate point. When you do, the other character may choose to attempt another action instead. If they do not, you receive +2 on your defend roll against the original action. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Danger Sense

Fate Core, p.117

Saw It Coming (requires Danger Sense)

When you are ambushed, gain +2 to any defend rolls you make in the first exchange. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Constant Vigilance (requires Saw It Coming)

When you are ambushed, gain a further +2 to the first defend roll you make. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

The Eye Gazes in All Directions

You are never surprised. Even if it’s only by a moment, you are always forewarned of the unexpected. (Fate System Toolkit, p.93)


You have the ability to wait, devoting your full effort to watchfulness, for hours on end. +2 to defend with Notice whenever you are tired.

Take It All In

Once per scene you can spend a fate point (and a few minutes of observation) to make a special Notice roll representing opening your senses to a location. For each shift you make on this roll you discover or create an aspect related to direct observation on the scene, though you may only invoke one of them for free. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Body Language Reader

Fate Core, p.117

Notice Tell

Your keen senses allow you to pick up on the subtle clues that indicate when a person is lying. You may use Notice to defend against Deceive.

Master of the Tell (requires Notice Tell)

Long practice has made you incomparably good at noticing the mannerisms that accompany deception. +2 to Notice when using it to defend against Deceive.

Reactive Shot

Fate Core, p.117

The Advantage of Familiarity

There are benefits to knowing a place really well. Pick a location or a small neighbourhood. +2 to Notice while you are in that area.


You have been trained to follow orders instantly in combat. When determining turn order for a physical conflict, you may use an ally’s Notice skill instead of your own.

Game Hunter’s Eye

Choose a type of animal. You gain +2 to create advantage or overcome with Notice to spot that kind of animal. (Peter Blake)

Heightened Awareness

+2 to defend with Notice during a physical conflict. (Peter Blake)


+2 to create advantage with Notice based on finding a suitable location to stay hidden. (Peter Blake)

Keen Sense

Choose a physical sense (e.g. sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell). You gain +2 to defend or overcome with Notice when that sense is the primary one being used. (Peter Blake)

Recognise Imposter

+2 to overcome with Notice when faced someone claiming to be a celebrity or someone you know well. (Peter Blake)

Quick Reaction Time

When you become aware of a hidden threat, you respond with lightning speed to overcome that danger. When you defend against a create an advantage action using Notice and succeed with style, you create a situation aspect with a free invoke instead of gaining a boost.

Notice Stunts

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