Word magic is the domain of the children of Seshat and is one of the only truly unique domains of divine magic. Word magic deals with books, parchment, paper, and the things that can be written with them. It’s most often used to read books quickly, find specific knowledge from among it’s pages, or write information down quickly.

The true power of Word magic however is seldom used openly. It allows the control and manipulation of paper like a sort of magical origami. This form has one serious limitation: running out of paper means running out of magic. Their favorite place to fight is a library where books are in abundance.


The open form of word magic is only really useful when dealing with finding or imparting information among the written word. The full power of this magic can overcome all sorts of situations: creating stairs or a pathway to run along, unwrapping a target with paper, or any other thing one can think of using paper to accomplish.

Create an Advantage

Common Word magic is not very useful for creating advantages. Advanced Word magic is highly useful being able to ‘entangle’, ‘snare’, and ‘caged’.


Common word magic is useless to attack, but advanced word magic can create lances hurled at a target or provide you with weapons like a bow and arrows that can use more conventional skills.


Common Word magic can’t defend much of anything, but advanced Word magic can be used to form shields and barriers to block attacks.


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