An aspect indicating that you are an officer in a military service or otherwise hold authority over some body of troops or the crew of a vessel. It costs refresh to take troops or crew that has skills.

Troops or crew are defined by a high concept, usually the name of their unit or another designation, such as 1st Battalion, King’s Royal Riflemen or HMS Valiant Crew. They begin with no skills, but you can spend refresh to give them a skill stack with a peak skill equal to the refresh that you spent.

For example, spending 3 refresh gives them one Good ( +3 ) skill, one Fair ( +2 ) skill, and one Average ( +1 ) skill.

They will take action as you direct. They start with 2 unit stress boxes, reflecting unit cohesion, and increases with Will, representing unit morale. Good ( +3 ) or Great ( +4 ) Will gives 3 stress boxes, Superb ( +5 ) or Fantastic ( +6 ) Will gives 4 stress boxes, and so forth. Only enemies of comparable numbers can inflict stress upon troops or crew, so a lone character usually cannot. However, a single individual may be able to temporarily discomfit a body of troops or evade them.


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