Transformation magic deals with altering the physical form of something, usually specifically into a new shape or form. While mundane magic is usually very limited when it comes to transforming living things, especially true when it comes to the mind of a living creatures, divine magic from the transformation domain is not.

Many of the children of the gods with access to transformation magics have limits to what shapes or forms they can use, but not all. Those without limit can do the things of fairy tales like spinning straw into gold, turning lead into gold (Gold being a common thing to want in fairy tales), transforming themselves into wolves or bats, or even becoming mist. Usually the more complex a transformation the more energy intensive it is. Also altering mass is usually nearly impossible, so whatever new form something takes must have the same basic mass as the old form.


Transforming into somethings else can be used to overcome obstacles if the new form has some way of handling the problem at hand. A creative person has an edge here.

Create an Advantage

Transformation magic has creating advantages at it’s very core. The most basic one that many children use is ‘my animal features are hidden’ as animalistic features can be transformed to look human and then that can be released at will when they don’t need it much like glamours, cloaking magic, and illusions are used. However many other applications can be performed.


Transformation magic can be used to forcefully change someone else, but this is not usually considered a direct attack unless opposed by someone with the same sort of ability. The only other exception is transforming into a form that somehow does harm by it’s mere presence, such as poisonous gas.


A wielder of transformation magic can defend against attempts by someone else with such magic by using their own as a defense. Otherwise Transformation is not generally suited to be a defense. Though transforming into a form resistant to the damage is possible.


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