This is your ability to steer and operate an aerial machine—including airships and aeroplanes—as well as to navigate by means of dead reckoning, map reading, and using a compass and sextant.


Deal with difficulties of maneuver and navigation, including attempting to come alongside another airship or dock an aeroplane with an airship.

Create an Advantage

Pilot can create advantages related to aerial maneuvering.


Pilot is not typically used to attack.


Pilot is used to defend against attempts to shoot at or board your craft.


  • Combat Pilot
    You can use Pilot in place of Shoot to attack in air combat when flying an aeroplane.
  • Fancy Flying
    +2 to Pilot when overcoming obstacles related to close-quarters maneuvering in an aeroplane, such as flying nap of the earth, threading among looming airships, or zig-zagging along a narrow valley.


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