Order magic deals with the disposition of all things, providing them with purpose, and their arrangement with creation. It is potentially one of the most powerful forms of magic for a creative wielder. Have a bunch of coins and need a key? Order can assign a new purpose to each coin so that they unlock a door. It’s only real limits are the power of the wielder and that it cannot add anything to creation.


Order magic is the swiss army knife of overcoming as it can give order, direction, or commands to all people and things. It can give a person a new purpose like providing you with the information you need or opening a door, or it can be used on a pile of rocks trapping you after a cave in giving them the properties or glass and letting you shatter them.

Create an Advantage

Order magic does all it’s effects by manipulating the advantages applied to things. This allows not just creating new advantages, but altering existing ones. The only limit to this is the power of the wielder.


Order magic can be used to make normally harmless things harmful and therefore into attacks.


Order magic can be used to turn hostile attacks into harmless ones, nullifying them.


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