Oath of the Veil

The kin were hunted ever since the human rebellion in Egypt. After several thousand years of this most had naturally gone into hiding if they could. During the 9th century the leaders of the various kin got together to discuss the collective problems with humanity hunting them. This was especially the case due to the catholic church which had special groups specifically to hunt the kin and any other supernatural creatures they could find.

When the conclave met the majority of the kin agreed to a set of rules to let them hide among humanity.

Rules of the Oath of Veil

  • Any non-human must remain hidden from humanity.
  • Magic cannot be used in front of humans.
  • Any supernatural being or creature that does not follow these rules must be contained, killed, or otherwise made to follow the rules.

The goal of the three rules is to make humanity believe the supernatural, magic, and by extension the children of the gods. If humanity believed these things were no longer real, then they would stop hunting them.

It took centuries, but humanity did slowly forget or dismiss these things as unreal. A few groups keep their beliefs and still hunt the supernatural, though no one tends to believe them if they talk about this.

Oath of the Veil

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