Necromancy is possibly best described as magic that changes the ‘shape’ of a soul. Most uses of necromancy are the stuff of nightmares. Most commonly it’s used to bind spirits who no longer have physical bodies (at least living ones) to physical vessels. Skeletons and zombies to corpses, ghosts to places or items, etc. Most are little more than automatons who can take simple instructions. However it can also be used to free a bound spirit, which ironically makes necromancers the best ones to fight necromancers.


Necromancy can overcome obstacles by using it’s power to bind and shape the ‘housing’ for a spirit. While technically a spirit can be housed in just about anything because of this, most often is a form they are familiar with, a human body. It can also be used to unbind a spirit bound by another necromancy wielder, very handy when one takes on the ‘undead’.

Create an Advantage

Necromancy is not well suited for creating advantages.


Necromancy magic can be used to ‘drain’ the life out of someone as a direct attack.


Necromancy can defend against itself and Death magics.


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