Moon magic is a bit atypical. It can be taken literally to represent the moon, but is also the magical properties of it. The three core aspects of the moon are it’s ties to celestial earth (earth not part of the Earth), gravity (that can pull at the oceans themselves creating the tides), light (reflected from the sun). It is also known for it’s ability to change.


Moon magic can overcome many things in many ways. However they always revolve around the core aspects of the moon. Lifting barriers with gravity, fooling someone with illusion, changing shape, etc.

Create an Advantage

Moon magic has one way to create advantages: manipulating light. This can be used to create illusions, make things invisible, etc.


Moon magic is difficult to use as an attack. However the moon does have properties like gravity, celestial earth, and (reflected) light.


Moon magic can be used for defense because of the moon’s reflective qualities. In fact Moon magic can reflect attacks back at their instigator.


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