This represents your general mechanical aptitude and training. It also includes your ability to manipulate the rigging and fittings of a craft to adjust its speed, trim, and altitude.


Use Mechanics to overcome difficulties related to the mechanical operability of equipment and vehicles by making sure they work and stay in good repair. It is also useful for overcoming difficulties created by in-flight conditions aboard an aircraft or ship.

Create an Advantage

Given appropriate tools and enough time, Mechanics can be used to create helpful machines that assist in completing physical tasks. It can also be used to reflect the speedy, precise completion of aerial ship-handling tasks.


Mechanics is not typically used to attack.


Mechanics is not typically used to defend.


  • Crack Airman
    +2 to Mechanics when dealing with the routine mechanical tasks related to keeping an airship flying.
  • Inventor
    Once per session, you can spend a fate point to introduce a useful mechanical contraption that is bulky, noisy, and connected to a limited or otherwise restrictive power supply. Define the invention as an aspect that includes its limitations: for example, Clanking Steam-Powered Calculating Machine. If the GM allows, you can add additional elements to your invention, making it a true extra.


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