The Magi see themselves as the protectors of magic as well as the guardians of dangerous magics. Human looking children of the gods sometimes join their ranks but generally their ranks remain ignorant of some aspects of the truth. With the creation of the Veil their ranks became one of the few groups to have access to knowledge beyond it.

Some of the kin argued they should be destroyed for their knowledge. However the Magi see magic as a secret for themselves to keep and so as long as they don’t tell everyone of the supernatural they are allowed to remain.

They hold to several rules of magic as critical and with good reason. However as the enforcers of these laws in physical terms, their enforcers have ways of avoiding some of these problems.

Laws of the Magi

Breaking the Laws

While the Laws of Magic may seem more like a guide for living right as a spellcaster, they exist for a very serious reason. Humans handling magic can be dangerous. Using magic in the ways that the laws say are wrong twists the caster. Changing them and darkening their very soul.

Whenever you choose to break one of the Laws of Magic, you’re crossing a very real line. By taking such an action, you alter who you are. Your self-image and your beliefs, the very basis of you. Often, once you do that, there’s no turning back. Are you the kind of person who reads thoughts, twists minds, and kills with magic?

In this way, the Laws aren’t a legal entity at all. They are a set of magical principles that, when broken, lead to a fundamental change in the nature of the person who broke them. The Magi enforce them as laws, but that’s in addition to this fundamental change. You could say that the Laws exist as two separate concepts with 99% overlap.

In game terms, whenever your character crosses the line for the first time he must immediately take a ‘Corruption’ ability. It reduces the characters refresh by 1, but gives a +1 to your skill rolls when breaking that same law again.

If you break the same law three times and you are required to to replace one aspect with a new version that is twisted by the violation of that law. It also reduces refresh another point (2 total for the same law) and increases the bonus to skills breaking it. Each three times the laws are broken another aspect must be twisted to show the consequences, though unless different laws are broken the benefits don’t increase.

A character who drops to 0 refresh loses their free will and becomes a creature subservient to their new nature. This makes them stop being viable as a PC. None of this applies to the Children of the Gods, their inner nature is dictated to by their ancestry and cannot be changed.


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