Extra-Sensory Perception is the ability to extend the consciousness beyond the physical body, allowing the psychic to perceive things a normal human could not, to sense the past, and to view remote locations or even project a fully realized mental form.

Among the forms of mundane magic it requires the least power and like Evocation has the quickest rituals involved. In fact most of those with ESP only require personal energy and concentration to make use of it. While more personally dangerous and hard for most mortals to develop to any real degree it’s quick nature makes it very useful. Which may explain why those who learn Thaumaturgy can duplicate the effects of ESP over a much longer time with less risk.


ESP can overcome obstacles a normal human’s senses simply could not. No normal human can see through a wall without technological assistance, but a psychic can. ESP can only extend your senses in one particular way at a time. If you are remotely viewing a location, you cannot also hear and smell that place.

Create an Advantage

ESP can create a variety of advantages. The ability to sense possible ambushes with psychometry or scout a location through remote viewing can set up wide-ranging aspects.


ESP cannot be used to attack.


ESP can defend against attempts to create an advantage by affecting the senses, such as technological or psychic illusions, sensory overload, or concealment like smoke or white noise.

Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to send a fully conscious mental form from the psychic’s body. This form can travel anywhere at great speed, but it is invisible and intangible. The psychic cannot interact with anything and can only be perceived by other psychics actively scanning for projectors. While in this astral form, the psychic can use their normal senses as well as ESP.

Normal remote viewing provides limited information (one or two senses at most) and does not allow the psychic to use additional psychic aptitude, but it is far safer as they are not “there” in the same way they are when projecting.


Psychometry is the perception of past events based on the impressions left behind on objects by conscious beings. When a psychic uses this ability, they witness a vision of the past, but this vision is colored by the thoughts and emotions of the people involved. Events with more participants and greater emotional impact will be easier to “read” but much harder to interpret.


  • Aura Reading
    You perceive energy fields around conscious beings that fluctuate with mood. You can use ESP in place of Empathy to get a read on someone’s emotional state.


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