Divine Magic

Fundamentally, Divine magic is very much like mundane magic. The difference is the power and the speed. Divine magic has the speed of Mundane Evocation with the power of Mundane Thaumaturgy, however the scope is more narrow. The typical child of the gods may be able to instantly get the effect a human caster would need months to get, but the human thaumaturge has a vast range of ways to manipulate magic while the kin would be limited to something like air, combat, or dance.

Most effects can be done by the Kin in the blink of an eye. However if they chose they can use their powers in a more ritualistic way like mundane Thaumaturgy, gathering more power and forming even greater effects.

Also their skill in a particular form of divine magic is all that matters for any of the children. They only roll a single roll when using their magic unlike with mundane magic.


Divine Magic

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