Death magic is mostly self-descriptive, however it also gives limited control over spirits and that aspect is the one that actually gets used the most. The main part to the limit is that death only holds domain over spirits who have recently died and so are weak. Beyond that a spirit still resident in our world gathers latent pyschic energy and spiritual residue that places it beyond reach of this sphere of influence.


Death magic is usually used to overcome obstacles. The form this takes is usually to bring forth a recently deceased spirit and compel it to speak. It can also be used to guide a spirit to pass on, this requires either a willing spirit or a recently deceased one.

Create an Advantage

Death magic is not good at creating advantages.


Death magic is not usually considered a direct attack, but it can be. As a direct attack it is essentially pure spiritual energy and can only effect the living. Enough damage of this type and the body simply dies.


As strange as it sounds, death magic can protect against healing and life magics neither of which can harm the living which makes it less useful than it sounds.


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