Computers is a skill used when manipulating computerized electronics: PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Camera and Security Systems, etc. This is more about software then hardware and if you need to effect hardware directly you need Electronics instead. At higher and higher levels ranks in computers indicate ability with programming (2-4) and hacking (5-6).


Computers can be used to overcome computer related obstacles where one can access the code that runs them. This usually means breaking into a system to access the code to achieve a variety of effects.

Create an Advantage

Computers can be used to create advantages related to or caused by manipulating computer code. These are highly situational and usually involving first overcoming access to the system in question.


Computers are not usually suited to creating attacks.


Computers are not usually suited to defending.


  • Hack the network
    You are particularly adept at gaining access to various computer networks. You get a +2 to Computers when trying to gain access to them.


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