Combat magic deals with melee combat and can actually be used in place of that skill at times. However it goes beyond that skill enhancing your physical abilities or even directly causing damage. The way this form of divine magic manifests varies from person to person.


Since you don’t really use Combat Magic outside of a conflict, it’s not often used to overcome obstacles. You might use it to or to participate in some kind of bout or sport fighting, which would allow you to use this skill in a contest. However it can also be used to intimidate an opponent before fighting, making you look intimidating with a display of power. You can also use it to break physical obstacles.

Create an Advantage

You can use Combat magic for most of the advantages you create in any physical conflict. Any number of special moves can be covered with advantages: a strike that stuns, the ability to shatter weapons on contact, ‘broken limbs’, and so on. You could even use Combat magic to assess another fighter’s style like the melee combat skill, spotting weaknesses in his or her form that you can exploit.


You can make physical attacks with Combat magic. Remember, this is for close-in work, so you have to be in the same zone as your opponent. This does not always mean a physical strike.


You use Combat magic to defend against any other attack or create an advantage attempt made with Fight or combat magic, as well as pretty much any action in melee combat. You can use this skill to defend against Shoot attacks, you can catch missiles or swat them from the air.


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