Children of Wadjet


Characteristics and Aspects

Wadjet was also the protector of kings and of women in childbirth. She was also known as the ‘lady of flame’.


Wadjet was depicted as a snake-headed woman, a snake, a woman with two snake heads, a snake with a woman’s head, or as a woman wearing the uraeus. Her children are human-like with snake traits which can very widely. The least snake-like have slitted eyes and fangs like a snake, while the most snake-like often have their complete lower bodies be those of a snake while their upper body has scales, they have no hair, their eyes are slitted, and they have a snakes hood from their necks.


Wadjet had dealings with many other goddesses and gods: Nekhbet, Hathor, Bastet, Min, and Horus in particular.

Ancient History

Wadjet was the local goddess of the city of Dep. She was said to be the patron and protector of Lower Egypt and upon unification with Upper Egypt, the joint protector and patron of all of Egypt with the “goddess” of Upper Egypt. She was the protector of the gods and the royal family in Egypt.

Modern History

The chosen of Wadjet’s line were the personal guards of the pharaohs. Many of Wadjet’s children were killed during the rebellion, most of those fleeing went into southern Asia. Once there, they perpetuated the myths of nagas and giant snakes. A few others traveled as far as south america. They came late to the Oath of the Veil as the founders of the oath were in Europe and the Middle East and didn’t even encounter most of them until the age of sail.


Wadjet’s children have greatly enhanced agility. They have access to protection, transformation, snakes, venom/poison, premonition (Divination), and fire magics. They do have the magic required to conform to the Oath of the Veil, though not all of Wadjet’s children chose to follow it. Those that do are usually in major cities.


A desire to protect is really the only personality trait passed down through the line. What they protect however is not specific.

Changes of Fate

Children of Wadjet

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