Children of Shezmu

Characteristics and Aspects

Shezmu was the demonic god of execution, slaughter, blood, oil, wine and perfume. Shezmu was known to destroy wrongdoers, gruesomely putting their heads in winepresses to remove the blood. He was known as the ‘Executioner of Osiris’. Shezmu followed the commands of The God of The Dead, and therefore was sometimes given the title ‘Slaughterer of Souls’. He initially seems to be a fierce underworld deity, but Shezmu was quite helpful to the dead. Although he was a harsh executioner of the wicked, he was also a great protector of the virtuous. Shezmu offered red wine to those who had passed on. Other than wine, he was in charge of earthly objects such as embalming oils, and perfumes.


He appeared to have the head of a lion, fangs and mane drenched in blood. It is said he wore human skulls around his waist like a belt. His children usually look human, though they tend to be large and well muscled.


He worked for Osiris, and was associated with Sekhmet and Nefertem. He was also said to be associated with Set.

Ancient History

His greatest cult was centered in Faiyum, but his worshippers were also widely distributed in Dendera and Edfu. Among the gods, his job was to use the bodies and blood of the dead to create sustenance for Unas. Osiris was the one who ordered the use of the wicked one’s blood to be turned to wine. He was sometimes given the title ‘Demon of the Wine Press’.

Modern History

Worried that the children of Shezmu would attack them for their rebellion, the hunters hit them first. Caught by surprise many of them died as they fought back. A handful managed to escape and flee the country, often helped by others of the kin to do so. As strange as it sounds they still tend to the job of executioner and widely performed as such during the dark ages. They also tend to be torturers as their ability to turn off their natural empathy for the pain of others is quite useful in that role. Many more tend to be career soldiers or mercenaries.


The children of Shezmu have enhanced strength compared to normal humans. They also have major access to combat, destruction, and protection magics. They also have minor access to illusion magic which allows them to dye liquids red and to create aromas.


The children of Shezmu have an ability to turn off their human empathy for others. This allows them to become sociopathic as harming others does not tend to cause them emotional pain like it does to most people.

Changes of Fate

Children of Shezmu

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