Children of Seshat

Characteristics and Aspects

Seshat is the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing. She was a scribe and record keeper credited with inventing writing. She is identified as the goddess of architecture, astronomy, astrology, building, mathematics, and surveying. Mistress of the House of Books is another title for Seshat, being the deity whose priests oversaw the library in which scrolls of the most important knowledge were assembled and spells were preserved. She is also the goddess of History.


Seshat was depicted as a woman with a seven-pointed emblem above her head. She is frequently shown dressed in a cheetah or leopard hide, a symbol of funerary priests. Her Seshatians look fully human.


She was considered to be the wife of Thoth.

Ancient History

Heliopolis was her center of ‘worship’ and her sanctuary. Though she was really never worshiped in the way many gods were. Sacrifices and rituals around her existed, but professionals regularly sent prayers to her.

Modern History

Seshat’s children ran in professional circles and were generally important enough that they did not suffer during the rebellion. Their benefactors tended to save them from the hunters in the early stages. This lasted long enough most found safe ways to leave. The worst time for them was during the dark ages, when superstition ruled and knowledge was frowned on by those in power.

Because of this they eventually went on to form the Free Masons to shape a safer world for themselves. Seshatians tend toward fields like business, finance, accounting, real estate, mathematics, and architecture. All of which provide significant power in the modern world.


Seshatians prize knowledge over physical ability. They are considered smarter than the average person or even kin. They do however tend to master specific trades. They have a unique field of magic that deals with the written word, usually used to quickly read, search, or write down information. Outside of their word magic they tend toward scrying (Divination) magic, but they don’t use any other magic regularly.

They are possible the least physically intimidating of all the kin, having neither great magical powers or physical abilities. That is usually made up for by more power in the way of influence and money in the real world.



Changes of Fate

Children of Seshat

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