Children of Satet


Characteristics and Aspects

Satet was the deification of the floods of the Nile River. Her name means she who shoots forth referring to the annual flooding of the river. She was an early war, hunting, and fertility deity who was seen as the mother of the goddess Anuket and a protector of southern Egypt. One of her titles was She Who Runs Like an Arrow and her symbols became the arrow and the running river.


Satet was pictured as a woman wearing the conical crown of Upper Egypt, with gazelle or antelope horns, or as an antelope, a fast moving creature living near the banks of the river. She also was depicted with a bow and arrows. Most of the children of Satet look human, however sometimes they have antelope horns or hoven feet.


Satet’s child was Anuket, goddess of the Nile River herself. Later she became regarded as one of the consorts of Khnum, the god identified as the guardian of the source of the Nile.

Ancient History

Her cult originated in the ancient city of Swenet, now called Aswan on the southern edge of Egypt. She was worshipped at Elephantine and the centre of her cult was nearby at Sahal. Since she was most dominant at the southern end of Egypt, she became regarded as the guard of Egypt’s southern border with Nubia.

Modern History

Satet’s children were attacked when the rebellion’s hunters reached the southern cities where they lived. The children fought back, but had an issue trying to retreat. They had been fighting the southerners to the south at their back for years and a southern army chose that moment of weakness to attack. Some of her children did sneak out to the west and east when the hunters encountered the invading army, but by and large they had been shattered.

Their numbers would grow, but much of their tradition had been lost. They had been guardians for hundreds if not thousands of years and now no longer had a calling. Different Satet traditions would develop in many parts of the world as their secrets were often lost to that early chaos. Added to this were the fears of some as the catholic church spread and some of Satet’s children looked like ‘demons’ by the church’s definition.


Satet’s children have heightened perception beyond normal for humans and the ability to leap about twice as far or twice as high as normal. Magically they have major access to water, war, and hunting magics and minor access to fertility, protection, and cloaking magics. They also have the ability to summon water arrows at will, which they can fire off at enemies. They are followers of the Oath of the Veil.


Satet’s children tend to be loners or at the very least introverts, though those they do chose to be around can expect them to be fiercely protective and caring of their loved ones. They also tend to be drawn to jobs such as police officers and fire fighters.

Changes of Fate

Children of Satet

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