Children of Ptah

Characteristics and Aspects

Ptah is the god of craftsmen and architects. He also represents an aspect of creation, the arts, and fertility.


Ptah is generally represented in the guise of a man with green skin, contained in a shroud sticking to the skin, wearing the divine beard, and holding a sceptre combining three powerful symbols of ancient Egyptian religion. He is sometimes represented as a dwarf, naked and deformed. Children of Ptah do not have any defined ‘look’.


He is connected to both Sekhmet and Bast as consorts and offspring of Nefertem and Maahes.

Ancient History


Modern History



The children of Ptah are effectively physically normal compared to humans. They have access to crafting (Creation), art (Creation/Illusion), and illusion magics. They conform to the Oath of the Veil.



Changes of Fate

Children of Ptah

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