Children of Neith


Characteristics and Aspects

Neith was a goddess of war and hunting. Her symbol was two arrows crossed over a shield. She was referred to as an “Opener of the Ways”. Neith was also deity of the unseen and limitless sky. Since Neith also was goddess of war, she thus had an additional association with death. In this function, she fired her arrows into the enemies of the dead and thus she began to be viewed as a protector of the dead.


Neith appears human, though certain legends suggest a gender duality and able to give birth without a partner involved. Unlike some deities with such imagery she is always feminine in form, though given phallic imagery.


She is considered the mother of Ra. She is also considered the mother of Sobek.

Ancient History

Neith’s temple was in the city of Sais, or Zau in even more ancient times. She was it’s protector and patron deity. She was highly selective in creating children with humans and the numbers of her children were low.

Modern History

The children of Neith almost all escaped the rebellion alive, not for a lack of effort on the part of the hunters after them though. Their numbers have grown since that time, though a preference for the wild places and physical contests of skill has mostly kept them out of the lime light. Some famous archers (Robin Hood) of legend as well as master thieves (François Villon, Goemon, Jean Genet), spies (Francis Walsingham), and assassins (Simo Häyhä) are likely candidates for being Neith’s children.


Neithians are known for their athleticism. They look perfectly human however and have little need to hide like some of the Kin. They have heightened agility, endurance, strength, perception, and speed. However none of these are that much higher than human normal.

They have access to magics related to war, battle, hunting, air/sky, Doorways/Portals, barriers, locks, and protection. Few children of Neith learn more than one or two ares of magic however.


The children of Neith tend to love wild places, whether those are forests or sprawling urban jungles.

Changes of Fate

Children of Neith

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