Children of Montu

Characteristics and Aspects

Montu was a falcon-god of war. His name means nomad and he was originally a manifestation of the scorching effect of the sun.


Montu was pictured as a falcon-headed or bull-headed man who wore the sun-disc, with two plumes on his head. He would hold various weaponry, including scimitars, bows and arrows, and knives in his hands. Montu’s children have minor avian features, most typically feather-like hair.


Montu had several possible consorts including: the goddess Tenenet, the goddess Iunit, and a female form of Ra named Raettawy.

Ancient History

Temples to Montu include one located adjacent to the Middle Kingdom fortress of Uronarti below the Second Cataract of the Nile.

Modern History

While the children of Montu were not as numerous as some other kin and when the hunters came for them during the rebellion they fought back.


Montu’s children heal slightly faster than normal humans, but are otherwise normal. Magically they have access to heat/fire, war, and weaponry (Summoning). The children accept the Oath of the Veil as necessary.



Changes of Fate

Children of Montu

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