Children of Min

Characteristics and Aspects

Min was the god of reproduction. He was associated with the eastern desert. Min the central deity of fertility and possibly orgiastic rites.


Min was depicted as being covered in shrouds, wearing a crown with feathers, and often holding his penis erect in his left hand and a flail in his upward facing right hand. Around his forehead, Min wears a red ribbon that trails to the ground, claimed by some to represent sexual energy. The symbols of Min were the white bull, a barbed arrow, and a bed of lettuce. All children of Min have a phallus, but are otherwise human.


Min has links to the god Horus.

Ancient History

His cult was strongest in Coptos and Akhmim (Panopolis), where in his honour great festivals were held celebrating his “coming forth” with a public procession and presentation of offerings. His main centres of worship were Qift and Akhmim. As a god of male sexual potency, he was honoured during the coronation rites of the New Kingdom, when the Pharaoh was expected to sow his seed.

Because Min usually was depicted in an ithyphallic (with an erect phallus) style, Christians routinely defaced his monuments in temples they co-opted and Victorian Egyptologists would take only waist-up photographs of him, or otherwise find ways to cover his protruding penis. However, to the ancient Egyptians, Min was not a matter of scandal – they had very relaxed standards of nudity: in their warm climate, farmers, servants, and entertainers often worked partially or completely naked, and children did not wear any clothes until they came of age.

Modern History

The only advantage of Min’s children are that they were numerous. However they were no better or worse than humans and so died in large numbers to the trained soldiers among the hunters. The few who lived were spread across the world and try to blend in as best they can.


The children of Min have increased virility compared to humans, but are otherwise normal. Min’s children have no magical aptitude beyond that of humans. They are widely considered the weakest of all the kin with their only advantage being their large numbers. Since they are basically human they don’t really have a choice in following the Oath of the Veil.


The children of Min are completely normal in personality with no specific traits.

Changes of Fate

  • Enhanced Virility/Fertility

Children of Min

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