Children of Merestseger


Characteristics and Aspects

Meretseger, meaning “she who loves silence” was considered to be both a dangerous and merciful goddess. She was also a cobra-goddess. She was the patron deity of the workers in Deir el-Medina who built the tombs. She punished workers who committed crimes, but healed those who repented. In one instance Meretseger is petitioned to bring relief to one in pain.


Meretseger was portrayed as either a coiled cobra, or as a woman-headed cobra, or rarely as a triple headed cobra, where one head was that of a cobra, one of a woman, and one of a vulture. Meretseger’s children usually look completely normal.


She was sometimes associated with Hathor.

Ancient History

She was closely connected with al-Qurn, the pyramid-shaped peak in the Valley of the Kings. Her children come from the ranks of the workers she was the patron of.

Modern History

Meretseger’s children mixed in with the general worker population under the threat of the hunters during the rebellion. Unlike most others they remained in Egypt for centuries before spreading out to most corners of the world.


Meretseger’s children are physically normal. Magically they have minor access to silence, transformation, snakes, punishment (Curses), and healing. Using ritual they can boost their transformation magics to full power.


Meretseger’s children have no particular personality traits, though they do have a considerable work ethic.

Changes of Fate

  • Silence Skill caps at rank 2
  • Transformation Skill caps at rank 2
  • Snake Animal Skill caps at rank 2
  • Curses Skill caps at rank 2
  • Healing Skill caps at rank 2
  • Ritual can allow use of Transformation beyond 2

Children of Merestseger

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