Children of Menhit


Characteristics and Aspects

Menhit was originally a Nubian war goddess. Her name depicts a warrior status, as it means ‘she who massacres’. She also was believed to advance ahead of the Egyptian armies and cut down their enemies with fiery arrows, similar to other war deities.


Due to the aggressive attributes possessed by and hunting methods used by lionesses, most things connected to warfare in Egypt were depicted as leonine, and Menhit was no exception, being depicted as a lioness-goddess. Her children however are human.


Menhit was said to be the wife of Khnum and the possible mother of Heka. She was linked with the goddesses Wadjet and Neith. Her cult was later subsumed by the cult of Sekhmet.

Ancient History

As the centre of her cult was toward the southern border of Egypt, in Upper Egypt, she became strongly identified with Sekhmet, who was originally the lion-goddess of war for Upper Egypt, after unification of the two Egyptian kingdoms, this goddess began to be considered simply another aspect of Sekhmet. Her children were of limited numbers throughout history.

Modern History

Originally they fought with their Sekhmet kin during the rebellion. However they were separated during the fighting. Since they look human they fit in most places they went. Many took a very long journey and ended up living with the Celtic peoples in the British isles. Others went south and lived in various places across Africa.


The children of Menhit have enhanced agility and perception compared to humans. They have no magical aptitude and are unable to cast any form of magic beyond human limits. On the other hand they can use a special magical ability to summon fiery arrows they can launch at targets.


Menhit’s children have problems controlling their tempers, they are quick to anger and slow to cool. They have also been known to go into blind rages and rampage until they cool down.

Changes in Fate

  • Starting Athletics caps at 6
  • Summon Fire Arrows

Children of Menhit

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