Children of Maahes


Characteristics and Aspects

Maahes was the lion-headed god of war, whose name means “he who is true beside her”. Maahes was a deity associated with war and weather, as well as that of knives, lotuses, and devouring captives. Some of the titles of Maahes were Lord of Slaughter, Wielder of the Knife, and The Scarlet Lord.


Maahes was pictured as a man with the head of a male lion, occasionally holding a knife and wearing the double crown of Egypt, or the atef crown. Sometimes he was identified with Nefertem and was shown with a bouquet of lotuses near him, but he also was depicted as a lion devouring a captive. Maahes’s children are covered in fur with strongly feline features, looking more like upright lions with human-like musculature.


He was the son of the Creator god Ptah, as well as the feline goddess Bastet.

Ancient History

His cult was centered in Per-Bast or in Taremu, he was more known as the son of Bast.

Modern History



The children of Maahes are physically powerful beyond that of normal humans. Magically they have minor access to war, weather, and cats. They also have the magical ability to summon knives. They try to keep themselves apart from humans as they have no means to comply with the Oath of the Veil.


The children of Maahes are fierce, proud, and independent by nature. They tend to only get together to raise families and otherwise stay away from each other.

Changes of Fate

  • Starting Physique caps at 6
  • War Skill caps at 2
  • Storm Skill caps at 2
  • Cats Animal Skill
  • Summon etheral knives

Children of Maahes

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