Children of Heqet

Characteristics and Aspects

Heqet is the goddess of frogs and a fertility deity. She became associated with the final stages of childbirth. Heqet is known as “She who hastens the birth”.


Heqet is usually depicted as a frog and her appearance is certainly amphibian. Her children all take on a amphibian appearance, which traits tend to very greatly however.


Her husband was Khnum.

Ancient History

Midwives often called themselves the Servants of Heqet, and that her priestesses were trained in midwifery. Women often wore amulets of her during childbirth, which depicted Heqet as a frog, sitting in a lotus. She didn’t have grand temples however and her

Modern History

The children of Heqet escaped the hunters during the rebellion by slipping into the water and swimming away, because of this most survived. It is quite likely the concept of an inhabited underwater city came from them as they have tried it more than once. Tales of mermaids are also likely from better looking children of Heqet. They try to live in small fishing villages so as to not attract to much attention, this may even have inspired parts of the deep ones legend from the Cthulhu mythos.


The Children of Heqet are amphibian and can breathe both water and air. They also have a tolerance for pressure beyond that of most submersible vehicles. While not usually very helpful they do have access to fertility magic, in fact they are fairly magic deprived as they only have a lesser talent for water and cloaking magic other than their fertility ability.

While the children of Heqet try to hold to the Oath of the Veil they have limited ability with cloaking and thus try to stay out of notice to achieve this.


The children of Heqet are incredibly caring when it comes to pregnancy and birth. They also love the water.

Changes of Fate

  • Amphibian, with high pressure tolerance
  • Fertility Skill
  • Water Skill, cap at rank 2
  • Cloaking Skill, cap at rank 2

Children of Heqet

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