Children of Heh


Characteristics and Aspects

Heh is the deification of infinity and eternity. It literally means ‘endlessness’. Heh was considered neither truly male or female and thus was both, able to switch forms at will.


Heh is the male form, while Hauhet is the female form of this deity. They appeared fundamentally human, however sometimes they were depicted as either a frog (male) or snake (female).


No specific relations.

Ancient History

Heh was an abstract deity for most and had no temples or sanctuaries specifically. Instead his veneration revolved around symbolism and personal belief. This also meant his children were uncommon.

Modern History

The Hehians realized what was coming for the kin and fled. They made a conscious decision not to warn their fellows of the coming disaster, though few know this outside their people.


Hehians are incredibly long lived even by the standards of the kin. They are also incredibly smart, but obtuse. Magically they have limited abilities. The can all learn magic to transform gender, due to the nature of their god parent. They also excel at divination. Few ever learn any magic outside of these.

Hehians technically follow the Oath of the Veil, though they have no need to physically hide themselves.


The children of Heh have problems delaing with people in social situations. They are often thought to be autistic and several have started to do research to see if human autism is related to their natural state.

Changes of Fate

  • Long Life
  • Intelligence provides 2 extra skill points
  • Gender Transformation Skill, first rank is free
  • [[Divination] Skill

Children of Heh

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