Children of Hathor


Characteristics and Aspects

Hathor personifies the principles of joy, feminine love, and motherhood. In other roles she was a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands, and fertility who helped women in childbirth, as well as the patron goddess of miners. She was the representation of wife, mother, and lover.


Hathor has always been identified with cows. Her children are the historical origin of minotaurs. Tails, Horns, and cow like ears are common. Cloven hooves instead of feet is another feature that is common among some family lines. Also many Hathorans have exaggerated sexual characteristics (ie large breasts and other ‘parts’). Hathor rarely had ugly children and most were known to be highly attractive.


Hathor had friendly relations with Ra, Horus, and Bastet in particular.

Ancient History

Hathor was widely worshiped with at least four major temples. She was even known in Greece and Rome as they associated her with Aphrodite and Venus respective. Her children were sometimes monstrous, though most were highly attractive and more inclined to help spread her worship through the lands.

Modern History

The Hathorans never suspected that the hunters were coming. When the rebellion happened they were slaughtered due to overwhelming forces against them. However they had human supporters even during the rebellion and their innate strength allowed them to fight back when cornered. Their numbers were severally depleted though and it took centuries to again become anywhere near as large as they had been.

Now they can be found in most parts of the world, though they often prefer rural areas to major cities. They also tend to live in ‘herds’, though this is mostly their joking at their bovine heritage than a serious take on their lives.


Most Hathorans are very physically powerful. While historically the men were said to have the power of bulls, both men and women of the Hathoran line tend to have massive strength and stamina. They are also known to be highly fertile and infertility just is not in their genes.

Magically Hatorans are often subpar. Some become adept at physical transformation magics, though it almost always is limited to going from a cow to a human and vice versa. Most can learn enough cloaking to hide themselves in public. They also have a minor aptitude for music, healing, and earth magics.

They do honor the Oath of the Veil, however for those among their number who cannot cloak or transform themselves must be hidden away from human sight.



Changes of Fate

  • Starting Physique capped at 6
  • Bovine Transformation Skill, cap at rank 2
  • Music Skill, cap at rank 2
  • Healing Skill, cap at rank 2
  • Earth Skill, cap at rank 2

Children of Hathor

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