Children of Bes

Characteristics and Aspects

Bes was a protector of households, and in particular, of mothers and children and childbirth. Bes later came to be regarded as the defender of everything good and the enemy of all that is bad.


Bes is depicted as a squat, bandy-legged figure depicted with fur about his body, a prominent brow, and short, pug nose. The children of Bes are best considered dwarves, bearded and squat.


He had no specific relations, though he did work with Taweret.

Ancient History

Images of the deity were kept in homes and he was depicted quite differently from the other gods. Normally Egyptian gods were shown in profile, but instead Bes appeared in portrait, ithyphallic, and sometimes in a soldier’s tunic, so as to appear ready to launch an attack on any approaching evil. He scared away demons from houses, so his statue was put up as a protector.

Modern History

The children of Bes fled during the rebellion before they came under attack. This meant most lived and were not even harassed until much later.


Physically the children of Bes are just like humans. Magically they have access to protection, music, dance, and healing. However they have a serious magical limitation in that only ritual or prepared talismans can focus their powers. Without one or the other their powers are minimal. The children of Bes participate in the Oath of the Veil.


The children of Bes tend to enjoy life.

Changes of Fate

Children of Bes

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