Children of Bastet


Characteristics and Aspects

Bastet has also been known as Bast, Baast, Baset, and Ubaste. She was originally depicted as a warrior or hunter, however over time she became a protector and a domestic cat more than a fierce lioness. She was specifically the protector of Ra and in that form she was known as the Lady of Flame or the Eye of Ra. Bastet is also the goddess of perfume and is known as a caring mother.


Bastet was always depicted as a cat headed woman, however in the earliest portrayals she was a lioness. Her offspring all resemble cats of one type or another. Usually this means cosmetic features such as cat like eyes, ears, tails, and sometimes claws.


She is the mother of Maahes and the daughter of Amun-Ra. She also had a fierce rivalry with Sekhmet the other lioness of the pantheon.

Ancient History

Bastet had a massive following at various times, rising and falling in favor depending on the status of southern Egypt. The heart of Bastet’s religion was the city of Pi-Bestet, The House of Bastet, which would go on to become the name of her children. When Bastet changed to representing domestic cats rather than lionesses her worship spread throughout the country.

Modern History

The children of Bastet were one of the most populas of all the kin at the time of the rebellion. Their temples were lavish and their fall was harsh. While physically very capable of fighting, most had no formal training in it. When an army of hunters descended on their city they were slaughtered or forced to flee. A few even more unlucky ones were forced into slavery to some of the most brutal and sadistic hunters.

Those that survived spread far and wide across the world. They are easily one of the most numerous of the kin.


Lithe athletic forms are the norm for the children of Bastet, though overweight ones do occur, and they are slightly stronger and more agile then their size would tend to suggest. They also tend to have considerable endurance at times. Also commonly they have enhanced night vision over the average person.

Magically the strongest of the children of Bastet can transform into cats entirely. They also have strong traditions of healing magic, protection magic, fire magic, and physical ability enhancing (Prowess) magics.

The Pibeset are part of the Oath of the Veil.


The children of Bastet tend to be both fierce and playful like cats. Fierce when challenged, Playful when at rest.

Changes of Fate

  • Starting Athletics caps at 5
  • First point spent on Athletics provides a free bonus point
  • First point spent on Physique provides a free bonus point
  • Enhanced Nightvision
  • Cat Transformation Skill
  • Healing Skill
  • Protection Skill
  • Fire Skill
  • Prowess Skill

Children of Bastet

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