Children of Banebdjedet

Characteristics and Aspects

Banebdjedet was the ram god. He was known for his virility and strength. He may also be linked to the first four gods to rule over Egypt (Osiris, Geb, Shu and Ra-Atum), with large granite shrines to each in the Mendes sanctuary.


Typically Banebdjedet was depicted with four rams’ heads to represent the four Ba’s of the sun god. Horns and rams feet are the most common attributes of his children, the shaggy fur is another.


His wife was the goddess Hatmehit. Osiris, Geb, Shu and Ra are associated with him as well.

Ancient History

The centre of Banebdjedet’s cult was at Mendes. Banebdjedet is a minor deity

Modern History

Banebdjedet’s children were nearly hunted out of existence. The few survivors mostly fled north and are likely the cause of the legends of satyrs. While not numerous they still exist in many places.


Banebdjedet’s children have greater stamina and virility than normal humans. They also have minor access to nature, song, and illusion magics. They are reluctant followers of the Oath of the Veil.


The children of Banebdjedet tend to be wild in nature and carefree.

Changes of Fate

  • Starting Physique caps at 5
  • Enhanced Fertility/Virility
  • Nature Skill
  • Song Skill
  • Illusion Skill

Children of Banebdjedet

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