Children of Baal

Characteristics and Aspects

Baal (or Ba’al) means “The Lord, master, owner, keeper, husband” in it’s original semitic language. Here it specifically means Ba’al Hadad a god of thunderstorms, fertility and agriculture, and the lord of Heaven.


Ba’al was regularly depicted as human, though he is often symbolized as a bull. His children are human in form though are all powerfully built.


Ba’al has relations with Anat, Astarte, and Qetesh.

Ancient History

The cult of Ba’al was widespread and while not native to Egypt Ba’als presence was real. He spawned many children both in and outside Egypt due to his increased virility. His male children gained his title Ba’al, while his female children gained the title Ba’alah or Ba’alat.

Modern History

As outsiders to Egypt the children of Ba’al were some of the first ones attacked. Only the strongest among them in Egypt lived and they went to find their brothers and sisters elsewhere.


The children of Ba’al are physically powerful with greater strength and endurance than humans, they also have naturally enhanced fertility. They have access to magic dealing with domination, storms, and plants. While technically they follow the Oath of the Veil, they didn’t go to the original conclave and they don’t agree with a need to hide their nature.



Changes of Fate

Children of Baal

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