Children of Astarte


Characteristics and Aspects

Astarte was connected with fertility, sexuality, love, and war. Her symbols were the lion, the horse, the sphinx, and the dove. She has been known as the deified evening star. Astarte embodies the traits of independence, self-determination, and strength in women.


Almost all depictions of her show her as a naked woman. Her children appear entirely normal, though are typically very attractive.


She was long associated with Anat. And late traditions hold that she was offered up to Set, however those are human traditions.

Ancient History

Astarte was a foreign deity in Egypt and known widely by many different names such as Ishtar and Inanna. She was decidedly atypical in that she was both highly sexual, including her priestesses practicing sacred prostitution, and yet was strong willed. That she was also counted as a warrior makes it all the more confusing to many.

Modern History

During the rebellion against the children of the gods, the hunters initially preferred to capture the children of Astarte as slaves. They quickly learned how bad an idea that was when they would lay with one only to be killed and the child of Astarte would escape. The practice of enslaving them quickly ended when the body count was realized.

Historically the worst times for the children of Astarte were during the suppression of sex by the church during parts of the dark ages and into near modern times, as it conflicts intensely with their inner nature.

Many modern children of Astarte work in certain areas of the porn industry, strip clubs, or work as ‘escorts’. However they rarely are willing to take abuse, and anyone trying such usually realize exactly how bad an idea that really is with them. Others can be found almost anywhere, however areas with less sexual repression are there favorites.


The children of Astarte have enhanced endurance and stamina over normal humans. They also have access to a range of magics including: transformation, fertility, sexual, emotional, combat, and battle. They typically do hold to the Oath of the Veil, though they don’t need magic to do so as they look human.


The Children of Astarte do not fear sex by any means, to the point many consider them to be nymphomaniacs. They also tend to be pansexual and polyamorous. They are also strong willed and independent by nature.

Changes of Fate

Children of Astarte

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