Children of Ash

Characteristics and Aspects

Ash was the god of oases. Ash was known as the “lord of Libya”, the western border areas occupied by the Libu and Tinhu tribes.


Ash was usually depicted as a human, whose head was one of the desert creatures, variously being shown as a lion, vulture, hawk, or snake.


Ash was associated with Set, who was originally god of the desert.

Ancient History

Ash was identified by the Ancient Egyptians as the god of the Libu and Tinhu tribes, known as the “people of the oasis”.

Modern History

The children of Ash mostly survived attention by the hunters by being out in the desert. Their children would go on to be part of the later Bedouin tribes and spread across the middle east.


The children of Ash have greater stamina and endurance than normal humans. They have access to sand, water, and plant magics. The children of Ash don’t specifically follow the Oath of the Veil, however they do live by similar principals when it comes to people seeing their magic in use.


While not specifically a trait of their family, they tend to be a harsh and sturdy lot.

Changes of Fate

Children of Ash

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