Children of Anuket


Characteristics and Aspects

Anuket was the personification and goddess of the Nile river.


Anuket was depicted as a woman with a headdress of feathers.


Anuket was part of a triad with the god Khnum and the goddess Satis. She is the sister of the goddess Satis.

Ancient History

A temple dedicated to Anuket was erected on the Island of Seheil. Anuket’s cult at Elephantine included a river procession of the goddess during the first month of Shemu. Ceremonially, when the Nile started its annual flood, the Festival of Anuket began. People threw coins, gold, jewelry, and precious gifts into the river, in thanks for the life-giving water and returning benefits derived from the wealth provided by her fertility to the goddess. The taboo held in several parts of Egypt, against eating certain fish which were considered sacred, was lifted during this time, suggesting that a fish species of the Nile was a totem for Anuket and that they were consumed as part of the ritual of her major religious festival.

Modern History

Many children of Anuket were slaughtered during the rebellion. A few managed to flee however and they have continually moved around living near water. Many tales of river nymphs and water elementals come from them.


The children of Anuket have no physical abilities. They do however have access to water, fertility, and elemental water transformation magics.


The children of Anuket have a mercurial temperament, often being very flighty.

Changes of Fate

Children of Anuket

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