Children of Anubis


Characteristics and Aspects

Anubis was a protector of graves, an embalmer, until replaced by Osiris he was Lord of the underworld. He was the god who ushered souls into the afterlife. He was the the “Guardian of the Scales.”


Anubis was always depicted as the Jackal-headed god. he was also depicted in black, a color that symbolized both rebirth and the discoloration of the corpse after embalming. Anubis’ offspring have a similar appearance with jackal-like features, most often ears, tails, fangs, and claws. They also can have fur.


Anubis was often a god apart. Later humans tried to fit him into a more firm place in the pantheon outside of his roles by making him the son of Ra or Osiris. These however did not have any impact on Anubis or his children.

Ancient History

Anubis was very important in ancient times and as all embalmers of the time were priests, they were his priests. Even before that he was the protector of tombs and so his mark appeared on thousands of tombs.

Modern History

Some hunters were reluctant to push out the children of Anubis, after all he was the one to guide their souls to rest and judge them. Some of Anubis’ children were in fact cocky that they would be spared the purge. They were wrong. It may have taken longer to gather the forces against them, but hundreds were killed and the rest would flee for their lives.

Anubis’ children would wander the world from that time on. Some stories of werewolves may have begun with Anubis’ children, though they were not the only ones. Ironically some of Anubis’ children would go on to join the christian clergy and act as guardians of the dead within the frame work of the church. At least a few kin of Anubis can be found in most large cities.


The Children of Anubis have heightened endurance, but are otherwise within the normal range of humans in physical abilities. The children of Anubis have access to protection magic, necromancy, guidance magic, and cloaking magic. They also have the ability to judge a persons soul or at least if it feels weighed down by dark deeds or if it remains light.

The children of Anubis are part of the Oath of the Veil.


The children of Anubis tend to be loners, even families tend to part ways after a time or be distant. This however does not mean they don’t feel love or care for other people. They also feel an affinity for spirits and the dead, wanting to guide them on or protect them respectively.

Changes of Fate

Children of Anubis

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