Children of Anti

Characteristics and Aspects

Anti is very old, but the only remaining known aspects is as the god of ferrymen. All other aspects have been lost to time. Her is also known as Nempty, ‘one who travels’.


Anti is only ever depicted as either a human or as a full falcon, not a hybrid, and his children all look human as far as anyone knows.


Isis once tricked Anti and Anti was punished for it. For that reason Anti and Isis don’t get along. Their descendants have carried on the dislike.

Ancient History

His worship is quite ancient with a large following of priests dedicated to his cult in it’s early history. Due to lack of surviving information, it is not very well known what the original function of Anti was. His cult was later centered in Antaeopolis and his children adopted it’s name, Per-Nempty or House of Travelers, as theirs.

Modern History

The children of Anti were slaughtered in large numbers during the rebellion. While always a people of travelers, their temples were destroyed, leaving only the scattered wanderers among them to live and those were hunted down. The remaining children of Anti became much like the later gypsies, in fact much much later on they were often mistaken for gypsies.


The children of Anti have no physical abilities, however they do have considerable magical aptitude. All of them can cast magic to transform themselves into birds. Besides this protection magic, travel magic, blessings, and curses are all common forms of magic they study.


The children of Anti have developed a considerable wanderlust, but it does nto always ‘breed true’.

Changes of Fate

Children of Anti

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