Children of Anhur

Characteristics and Aspects

Anhur is a god of war, known as ‘Slayer of Enemies’. He was patron of the ancient Egyptian army, and the personification of royal warriors.


Anhur was depicted as a bearded man wearing a robe and a headdress with four feathers, holding a spear or lance. While occasionally depicted as a lion-headed god his physical form was never like that, it was the Egyptians ascribing lion symbolism to him.


Anhur was associated with Shu later on, however that was said well after he had left. Children of Anhur and Shu did get along well however. He had a wife Mehit, however none of her people survived.

Ancient History

Anhur was worshipped in the Egyptian area of Abydos, and particularly in Thinis. Myths tell that he had brought his wife Mehit, who was his female counterpart, from Nubia and his name reflects this. It means (one who) leads back the distant one.

Modern History

Many of Anhur’s children survived the rebellion as their fellow soldiers warned them of what was coming. Only so many however were willing to accept leaving, those who didn’t were hunted down and killed.

Ever since then they have served in the military of the lands they settle in whether that happened to be the Spartans, Roman Legion, or any of hundreds of more modern armies.


The Children of Anhur are stronger, have greater endurance, and more stamina than the average human. The also have access to War magics. They also have a certain affinity with weapons, allowing them to make use of any weapon quicker and easier than others.


Anhur are dedicated and professional by nature. Often they are overly serious. They also enjoy military service and by nature are good at it. There is a certain shame they carry as well, they are all descended from kin that fled rather than stand their ground in Egypt.

Changes of Fate

  • Starting Physique caps at 6
  • Weapon affinity (anything becomes a weapon)
  • War Skill

Children of Anhur

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