Children of Anat


Characteristics and Aspects

Anat is a violent war-goddess, a virgin mother who is the sister and lover of the god Ba‘al Hadad.


Anat is depicted as a fierce, wild, and furious warrior in a battle. Wading knee-deep in blood, striking off heads, cutting off hands, binding the heads to her torso and the hands in her sash, driving out the old men and townsfolk with her arrows, her heart filled with joy.


She is the sibling and lover of Baal. She was given over to Set as a wife, though they were hardly friendly. She had something of a rivalry with Neith.

Ancient History

Anat came late to Egypt from Levantine. As much as her title calls her a virgin, she did in fact produce children. She was worshiped by warriors along with other deities of the sort, however she was always known as the most fierce and almost crazed in temperament. Her role as something

Modern History

As an outsider compared to many others, so they were one of the first groups attacked by the hunters. They didn’t leave without a fight though, the battle was fierce and deadly. Some however did survive, the ones in Mesopotamia, Israel, and Greece actively carried on their traditions introducing their ‘mother’ to new peoples. Though in these lands they often acted as mercenaries rather than settling down.

The largest contingent of Anat’s children eventually made it into northern Europe where they went on to become the root of the tales of berserkers among the ranks of the vikings. However they are spread widely around the world especially in modern times. Most act as mercenaries


The children of Anat have enhanced strength and endurance. They also posses natural regeneration. They have access to War and Battle magics.


Anat’s Children are fierce determined warriors. They have never been good at dealing with peace. They say their blood sings in battle and is anxious in peace.

Changes of Fate

  • Starting Physique caps at 6
  • Regeneration (Fate can be spent to remove consequences)
  • War Skill
  • Battle Skill

Children of Anat

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