Children of Amun


Characteristics and Aspects

Amun and his female self, Amunet, are a creation deity. They are also one of the few dual gendered deities, able to take either form at will. The name means ‘hidden’ or ‘hidden one’ with Amunet being the female form of that. Amun later merged with Ra creating a new deity ‘Amun-Ra’.


The children of Amun/Amunet are possibly best known for being effeminate when male. However unlike most of the kin they need not hide as they appear fully human. Amunet was depicted as a woman wearing a red crown and carrying a staff of papyrus, however know known depictions of Amun without Ra are known to exist.


Amun was married to Mut, an aspect of Hathor, and father of Khonsu before merging. Amun merged with Ra, including their children.

Ancient History

Amun was worshiped in Thebes. Merging with Ra was somewhat unexpected for the children and the children of Ra and Amun joined together. While some would inter-marry, many continued as they had, being slightly apart.

Modern History

When the rebellion came the children of Amun/Amunet were with the children of Ra in their collective temples. The rebellion split them from the children of Ra and very few escaped. In fact it is odd to see more than one in any particular location in modern times. They can most often be found in Asia as their features are found quite desirable there.


The children of Amun/Amunet are not physically different than humans outside of their effeminate features and ability to wield magic. All children of Amun/Amunet can master magic to switch genders, due to the dual faces of their god parent. They also excel in creation magic and summoning. They have been known to learn almost any form of magic, though they usually don’t have the drive of the children of Thoth in such regards.


The children of Amun/Amunet have a drive to create. What they create varies wildly, but it can be nearly a compulsion.

Changes of Fate

Children of Amun

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