Children of Ammitt

Characteristics and Aspects

Ammit is a funerary deity, her titles included “Devourer of the Dead”, “Eater of Hearts”, and “Great of Death”. Her name literally means devourer or soul-eater.


Ammit was a combination of lion, hippopotamus and crocodile to ancient peoples. The truth is a little different, she and her offspring are near reptilians or possibly proto-birds. They have manes around their necks like lions, with fanged maws, powerful mostly scaled bodies, and short tails. It is quite likely ancient tales of lizard people come at least partly from Amittites.


Ammit didn’t really get along with any other gods or goddesses.

Ancient History

Ammit was a demon more than a goddess. She lived near the scales of Truth in the underworld and when the souls of mortals were judged by Anubis, she was the one to eat them.

Since she was feared more than worshiped no temples would be made for her. Instead her children would roam the lands terrorizing people and putting a fear of becoming an eternally restless spirit into them. During the early ages of Egypt her offspring had an uneasy peace with their kin as their function was an important lesson deserving recognition.

Modern History

The children of Amitt were widely hated well before the rebellion of humanity even if they didn’t share in the corruption and power of the second age. When the rebellion came hunters tried very hard to erase them from existence. However being physically powerful and very hard to kill few actually died. Most chose to flee when confronted with numbers that made their chance of living come into question. That said their numbers have never been high and one would be hard pressed to see one in their lifetime.


The children of Ammitt are magically inferior to most of their kin. Their magical abilities only include a slight gift to enhance physical prowess and an ability to cloak themselves. To make up for this they are naturally resist to damage, even gunfire has a limited effect on them, and incredibly strong. They also have natural weapons due to having claws and fangs that are sharp enough to cleave through metal.

Their magics however are strong enough for them to partake in the Oath of the Veil.


The children of Ammitt tend to be psychopaths, having little ability to identify with and empathize for others. A few are even cannibals.

Changes of Fate

  • Retractable Claws/Fangs
  • Damage Resistance (Armor 2)
  • Prowess Skill cap rank 2
  • Cloaking Skill cap rank 2

Children of Ammitt

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