Children of Aker


Characteristics and Aspects

Aker (one who curves) was the deification of the Horizon. Aker guarded the entrance and exit to the underworld, opening them for the sun to pass through during the night. Aker annulled the causes of death for all who died as they had to pass Aker to enter the underworld.


Aker was depicted as Ruti, a pair of lions, representing Sef (yesterday) and Duau (tomorrow). Sometimes Aker would have leopard like spots, indicating Aker may have been a Barbary lion which had spots.

The children of Aker have features similar to lions, though of all types including the barbary lion. Usually this is mostly tails, ears, eyes, a mane for men, some also have fur over some or all parts of their bodies, and often some form of retractable claws.


Aker had no particular relations with any other gods or goddesses.

Ancient History

Aker was never worshiped in the same way as many other Egyptian deities. The Akeru spread mythology of Aker throughout the world and worship remained popular even in Greece and Rome well into the Greco-Roman period.

Aker never had temples of his own. For this reason the Akeru never had the wealth, power, or worship that other god children had. The Akeru instead lived more or less normal lives, many serving as priests of Aker among the common people. Their numbers were small as Aker bedded very few mortal women. At their height they may have been as many as a couple hundred Akeru.

Modern History

The children of Aker, ‘those of the horizon’, escaped Egypt. Only the most rabid hunted them down and killed them so their numbers stayed strong. Even so their numbers are still only in the thousands and spread across the entire world.


The children of Aker have limited magical powers compared to some of their kin. Their magical focus is mostly limited to protection and the elimination of ailments (Healing). They do have a minor ability at Cloaking. They do however have enough magic to be part of the Oath of the Veil and protect their identities.


The children of Aker are eternal wanderers. They tend to hate staying in any one place for to long. This wanderlust is not something every child of Aker suffers from this, though the majority do.

Changes of Fate

Children of Aker

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