This is practical knowledge of the world of business. It includes the ability to make money by means of investments, lending at interest, issuing stock or other certificates of ownership, and similar financial maneuvering, as well as by running a shop or other commercial enterprise. While it includes the conduct of business dealings, negotiations, and sales pitches, it only applies to professional or commercial transactions, not interpersonal or social encounters.


Business can be used to overcome obstacles related to running a business, such as finding suppliers or sources of raw materials, dealing with labor problems or recalcitrant workers, handling business-related legal issues, and so forth. You can use Business to reduce your wealth stress against passive opposition equal to the value of the stress box to be recovered.

Create an Advantage

Business advantages usually reflect profitable commercial ventures coming to fruition, so aspects such as Return on Investment or Got in on the Ground Floor are reasonable.


Business is not typically used to attack.


Business is not typically used to defend. Caveat emptor!


  • Let’s Make a Deal
    You can use Business in place of Rapport or Contacts to interact with others as long as you frame the encounter as some quid pro quo exchange.
  • Collateral
    Gain an additional mild consequence slot, used to absorb mental or financial stress from economic adversity.
  • Savvy Investor
    You get an additional free invoke when you create advantages with Business, provided that they describe a monetary return on an investment you made in a previous session. (In other words, you can’t retroactively declare that you did it, but if it happened in the course of play, you get higher returns.)
  • Long Term Investment
    You’ve had your money for a while now, and you’ve had a chance to make several strategic investments which you can cash in on when pressed for money. Once per session, you may sell one of these investments to get a +2 to any one Resources roll. (Spirit of the Century SRD)
  • Instant Functionary
    You’re skilled at seeing the shape of an organization from the underside, and in organizations of sufficient size, you can easily convince anyone that you’re just another cog in the machine. This allows you to substitute your Business skill for Deceive whenever pretending to fill the role of a minor functionary of a target organization. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)
  • War of Papers
    You can take action against organizations through indirect measures. Effectively you can fight on the level of any organization smaller than a nation without the need to recruit allies or have any organization of your own. Yes, this means you can effectively “kill” a city, or even an army, given enough time. (Fate System Toolkit, p.98)


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