Blessing magic is an odd form of divine magic. It is possibly best thought of as Probability alteration. The wielder can manipulate chance t favor a desired outcome, good or bad. Sometimes however it just takes the odds to the extremes.


Blessing magic can allow you to substitute a skill roll with it for any other skill you don’t have, but could use to overcome an obstacle. A success means you manage to overcome the obstacle through sheer dumb luck, a failure means everything has gone horribly wrong (and should be worse then normal). Luck is a double edged sword after all.

Create an Advantage

Blessing magic excels at creating advantages as you can curse opponents and bless your allies. Cursed enemies have everything go wrong that can while those who are blessed have everything go right.


Blessing magic is not very useful to attack.


Blessing magic can be used in one way as a defense. Adept wielders can see the flow of chance during a battle and chose the best place to be to try to avoid an attack. It is known to be extremely stressful to maintain however, so if you have another option it is better to use that.


  • Loaded Dice
    You have an enhanced ability at games of chance and all forms of gambling. While the statistical odds may say you have a 50% chance to win, you instead have a 66% chance.
  • Money Magnet
    You have a knack for finding money.
  • Karma Bank
    Every critical failure you receive brings a chance to change a success into a critical success.


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