The Divine magic of barriers are generally very much like Thaumaturgy Wards in practice. However the divine magic goes further, barriers can be formed around specific objects or people and can be mobile. They can also be used as physical shields like Evocation makes use of. Wielders of barrier magic can also make barriers that protect against certain specific things like ‘barrier of bullet repelling’ that can deflect bullets while allowing hand to hand combat.


Barrier magic cannot be used to overcome.

Create an Advantage

Barrier magics are usually designed to protect a person from some specific harm, however they can also be used to screen out certain things. This allows for things like a barrier of invisibility that grants an advantage. It also allows ‘early warning’ barriers as well or ‘barrier to repel vermin’ all of which are suitable advantages.


Barrier magic cannot be used to attack.


Barrier magic is primarily intended for defense. Not just personal defense, but protection for places or things.


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