Athena Institute for the Gifted


The Athena Institute For The Gifted

The kin needed a place to train their children while protecting them from the potential issues related to the Oath of the Veil. Children who gain their full abilities at puberty are brought here for training unless their family decides to personally train them. All types of the kin are welcome here as long as they can follow the oath.

Part of the school is in the physical world and looks like a conventional modern campus. Then their is an underground facility including all parking facilities, it also includes an entire underground training facility. Beyond this there is an even larger facility on the astral plane within a pocket domain.


Touring The Grounds

  • G – Garage Entry
  • L – Loading Bay
  • B – Bicycle Storage
  • M – Main Entrance
  • 1 – Facilities
  • Visitors Center
  • 2 – Sports Center
  • 3 – Secondary Classrooms
  • Security Offices
  • 4 – Information Technology
  • 5 – Athletics Field
  • 6 – Underground Training Facility
  • Gate House
  • 7 – Cafeteria
  • 8 – Vault
  • 9 – Primary Classrooms
  • Library
  • 10 – Computer Lab
  • 11 – Teachers Offices
  • 12 – Business Annex
  • 13 – Auditorium
  • 14 – Communications Center
  • Student Lodging
Facilities (1)

All campus maintenance, food, and custodial facilities are handled out of this building.

Visitors Center

This is where people visiting the campus meet with faculty, staff, and students. Conferences with outsiders are held here and a small cafeteria is here as well.

Sports Center (2)

Most of the sports classrooms are here.It also has courts for tennis, basketball, and other similar sports.

Secondary Classrooms (3)

The secondary classrooms are part of the school a long time ago. They were renovated when the campus was expanded and are still used to teach some classes. Some of the slightly more ‘dangerous’ classes are sometimes held here.

Security Offices

Security is a primary concern for all the kin and so it takes up quite a lot of space. It’s primary offices share space with IT. They have secondary offices in the gate house and at all entrances. The security offices have a portal to the Astral Complex.

Information Technology (4)

Information Technology maintains all the computer and networked systems on campus. At one time the building held a main frame, now it handles a large number of server systems and a super computer.

Athletics Field (5)

The field is designed for football, soccer, and other large field sports. Around the field is a track ring.

Underground Training Facilities (6)

The underground facilities are underneath the athletics field and include dojos, firing range, and other mundane training facilities.

Gate House

The gate house is the bridge to the inner complex of the campus. It is designed to provide another buffer with the ‘real world’ and the world within the campus.

Cafeteria (7)

The cafeteria building holds both a food court with a variety of fast and not so fast foods and a buffet style dining facility. It is strategically placed in the heart of the campus.

Vault (8)

The Vault is a special building that houses all dangerous items and materials. It is also a special building as it extends downwards twenty two stories underground. The vault has a portal to the Astral Complex.

Primary Classrooms (9)

The primary classrooms are where all the main lecture halls, labs, and classrooms are housed.


The library is a sprawling collection of buildings that house a considerable mundane collection and one of the best of collections of records among the kin. The library has a portal to the Astral Complex.

Computer Lab (10)

This entire building is one large computer lab with a couple of attached class rooms where advanced computer classes are held. The lab is open to all students.

Teachers Offices (11)

All the academies teachers have an office here.

Business Annex (12)

Administrative staff have their offices here. This includes HR, accounting, purchasing, finance, payroll, and personnel. The business annex has a portal to the Astral Complex.

Auditorium (13)

This is a general purpose auditorium.

Communications Center (12)

The Communications center houses community marketing, conference organizing, community outreach, International services, special events, international languages. It also has a learning center to study communications.

Student Lodging

Human looking students and students who can look human at all times are housed here. Older students do not live here, they tend to have apartments nearby, except when working as a resident adviser.


Astral Complex

The Astral Complex looks like an ancient building in megalithic Egyptian style. The domain was created on the astral plane a long time ago by a child of Atum named Aturis. He is uninterested in the physical world, but did agree long ago to let other kin train within his domain. Specifically twelve headmasters around the world have keys to create portals both temporary and effectively permanent. One of those is the headmaster of the Athena Institute for the Gifted.

Here they can practice and develop magic and supernatural powers without worrying about mundane eyes seeing it. It also is where those who cannot pass as humans live while developing the skills to hide themselves.


Most classes and curriculum offered by the academy corresponds with typical educational curriculum one would expect for any school.

Basic courses include Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts fill the core middle school and high school curriculum. In addition a wide range of other mundane curriculum exists including classes in Art, Health, Physical Education, Music, Foreign Languages, and Technology. A wide range of non-class activities also exists such as sports leagues (Footbal, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, etc), technology and science competitions, orchestral and choir programs, and a drama group. On top of these mundane activities more exotic classes in esoteric history, mundane magics, advanced combat training, and divine magics.

A full range of associate and bachelors programs are offered beyond the high school level and high school level students at the academy can take any college level classes they qualify for. More advanced Masters levels programs are also offered in select categories including business, mathematics, and engineering.

Athena Institute for the Gifted

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