Air can be incredibly versatile, as one of the primary elements of magic it can be used in a wide selection of ways: Offensive, Defensive, to clear obstacles, or create advantages. Air however is best for creative thinkers who can imagine creative ways to apply it. Winged children of the gods can even use it to allow them to fly.


Air magic allows all sorts of ways to overcome obstacles: becoming light as air, knocking down objects with hurricane force winds, propelling yourself around by manipulating the air, etc.

Create an Advantage

Air magic lets you create an advantage in a variety of ways. Dashing to high ground (or levitating up to said high ground), making yourself lighter so you can move easier, and performing insane acrobatics are just some of the things possible. It can even be used to create a storm with high winds and rain to completely change the flow of a battle.


Air magic allows you to easily create attacks with bolts of high speed compressed air or shoot lightning at people.


Air magic is possibly worst at defense, but can be used to to defend against most projectiles or repel someone in hand to hand.


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